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Proctoring Services


Online and Special Programs works with instructors to provide students with the means to complete University of Houston exams off-campus. We work as the medium between you, your students and their proctors to ensure they are scheduling exams at reputable testing facilities and are completing exams by the deadlines listed in your syllabus. 

We encourage instructors to contact our office with any questions about proctoring services. Our staff will review the proctoring process with you to ensure you have a clear understanding of our services. An overview of the proctoring process can be found below in How it Works.


Preparing your course
Determine if proctoring is needed for your course exams. If so, we require you to include the proctoring statement provided below in your syllabus so students are aware of our service at the beginning of the term.
Discuss proctoring with your students
It is vital you discuss proctoring services with your students. We are counting on you to let your students know that proctoring services are an option for them. This is also a great time to let students know of any limitations you are applying to proctoring services (i.e., exams cannot be taken early or late).
Exam dates and deadlines
Our office will, by default, use the exam dates listed in your syllabus when determining exam open and close dates. If we are not able to find your exam dates listed in the syllabus we will email you to request your exam periods. We need to know exam dates at least a week prior to the exam.
Send exams and instructions to us
To ensure the integrity of your exams and the proctoring services we ask that you provide a PDF version of your exam and instructions to our office via email at When sending your instructions, please be sure to remove instructions which only apply to on-campus students. Exams need to be sent one week prior to the start of your exam. Any adjustments to this timeline need to be discussed with our office.
Review completed exams
Proctors are required to return completed exams within two days to our office. We then return all the exams for your course to you at once. Please keep this turn-around time in mind when scheduling your exams. Upon receipt of completed exams, please review them and let our office know if you have any concerns.
Keep in touch
Remember to keep in touch throughout the semester and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 


We require instructors to include the follow statement on their syllabus:

Exams for this course require proctoring. Information regarding proctoring services for the University can be found on the Online and Special Programs-website. Prior to requesting proctoring services, students should read and understand the outlined proctoring procedures.  Students can request proctoring services by completing the Proctoring Request Form on the website.

Students with questions or concerns can contact OPS at 713-743-3327 or email Online and Special Programs' hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. CST


To maintain the integrity of proctored exams, proctors must meet several requirements:

  • Relatives and friends are not suitable proctors.
  • Proctors must be able to continuously monitor the student during the exam.
  • Proctors cannot have conflict of interest or have any vested interest in the student's grade or performance on the exam.
  • Proctors must have adequate and reliable access to the Internet, including email services.
  • All proctor documentation, including emails and website references, must be written in English.
  • Examinations will only be sent to the proctor's approved business email. If your proctor's business email is a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or other similar free email address, you will need to provide documentation that this is the proctor's business email address.

All exams are to be proctored in locations deemed acceptable by either the Online & Special Programs office or the instructor. Locations include a University, Community College, testing center, or public library. Proctored exams are not conducted in residential settings. Additional vetting may be required for unfamiliar or international locations.

This is the Best Practices information we provide to students. If a student submits a request following these guidelines, we usually approve the request. Any exceptions are directed to the instructor for approval.


Our office reviews and approves most student proctoring requests. However, there are specific situations in which instructor approval is required prior to the exam being set up. Our office will redirect students to the instructor to seek approval via email prior to accepting the proctor request. We will not release an exam without proof of approval. These include:

  1. Students who request proctoring at an international location must seek instructor approval first.
  2. Students who request to take their exam outside of the scheduled exam dates (i.e., early or late).