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Child Care

In Texas, children age 6 and older are required to attend school. Children below that age are typically:

  1. Cared for at home by a parent or relative
  2. Cared for at home by a “nanny” who is paid for those services
  3. Cared for at a childcare facility where the parents usually pay weekly or monthly for services.

If at-home care is preferred, a nanny may be found through a special service provider such as Initiatives for Children. Recommendations for services can also be obtained from church leaders, colleagues, and friends.

Childcare facilities are either home-based (provider cares for children out of his/her home) or center-based (care is provided in a school setting). All facilities should be licensed or registered with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. There are many childcare facilities in the city. Some churches offer childcare programs as well as family neighborhood/recreation facilities such as the YMCA or Neighborhood Centers. There is also a wide variety of corporate and private for-profit childcare facilities. The cost of services varies greatly and a waitlist may exist. Listings can be found in the telephone book or through recommendations of colleagues/friends. Also, Collaborative for Children provides a vast resource of providers throughout Texas. Many local public schools offer preschool programs (beginning at 3 years of age) for qualified families. Information for these programs can be obtained through the local Independent School District. Another helpful website is Initiatives for Children.

Currently, the University of Houston provides these options for child care services:

Children's Learning Centers - This facility provides care for children ages 3 months – 5 years. The mission of the Children’s Learning Centers (CLC) is to facilitate an inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity as well as promotes a professional commitment to impacting our community and supporting student success, through the provision of a nationally accredited early childhood educational program for the children of University of Houston (UH) students, faculty, and staff. The hours of operation are 7:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided. For more information about the Center and to obtain a Waitlist Application form visit the CLC website or call 832-842-0500.

University of Houston Charter School - The Charter School is a public school operated independently of the local school board. It serves children age 6 years and older. Its mission is to provide a student-centered curriculum that enhances the intellectual development, technological development, technological fluency and leadership ability of students. It does offer extended care for school-age children at a cost. For more information call 713-743-9111.