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Personal Car Mileage

Mileage reimbursement for travel should be processed in Concur via an Expense Report.  Concur is tooled with a mileage calculator, and automatically computes the mileage based on the locations entered in the Concur Expense Report, if the traveler is reimbursed with the mileage rate set by IRS/Comptroller’s Office.  The number of miles traveled will be determined by point-to-point itemization.

The Mileage Report can be completed with addresses or odometer readings. Links to the Mileage Forms can be located in our AP Travel Website ( ). The current state mileage reimbursement rate for travel can be obtained at Employees may calculate the number of miles by using a vehicle odometer reading or a mapping service web site (e.g., Mapquest, Google Maps). 

For non-travel mileage, travelers should process the mileage reimbursement through a regular non-travel voucher (PCC 9) using account code 54807, Mileage Report along with supporting documentation (Mapquest, Google Maps, etc.) with supervisor approval and business purpose is needed.

Mileage rates (updated annually from the IRS)  

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