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Local funds 

For all travelers other than university guests and contractors, actual meal and lodging expenses shall not exceed the published amount on the UH Travel website for the period, excluding hotel occupancy tax.  All lodging expenses must be supported by itemized receipts. Please refer to Combined Travel Meals and Lodging Limits for meals and lodging daily cap.

Overnight meals and lodging for university guests and contractors must be in accordance with the agreement/contract and must be supported with itemized receipts . The expenses must not be lavish or extravagant.

Conference hotel rate. The amount for lodging at a workshop/conference/convention/training hotel is allowed if the specific location with the published rate was provided by the organization offering the workshop/conference/ convention/training.  Document with the published rate must be uploaded to the Concur expense report for reimbursement or travel card transaction. The expenses must be approved by Department Chair, Director, Associate Dean, Dean, Assistant/Associate Vice President, Vice President, President, or Chancellor. 

State Hotel Occupancy Taxes for Lodging in Texas. University employees are exempt from the state portion of hotel occupancy taxes when traveling on official university business in Texas using local or state funds. The employee should present a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate to the Texas hotel or motel at the time of check-in.

Apartment/House Rentals. Airbnb can be used and listed as Apartment/House Rental Expense. The Apartment/House Rental base fee, cleaning fee, and Airbnb service fee will be listed as “Hotel Room Only” and the “occupancy taxes” will be listed as “Hotel Tax.”

Receipt Requirements. Lodging receipts should include the following information:  (a) name and location of hotel, (b) dates lodged, and (c) separate amounts for charges such as lodging, hotel occupancy taxes, meals, and telephone calls.

The amount of meal and/or lodging expenses must be entered for each day of travel . For lodging, room rate and tax rate must be separately entered to be itemized.  

All moving/house hunting expenses must require itemized receipts.

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