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Forms required

All employees who travel to destinations outside the United States must complete the Export Controls and Travel Embargo Form and receive approval from the Office of Contracts and Grants, if required, before leaving on the trip.  This requirement applies to all employee business travel outside the United States, regardless of the source of funds used to pay for the trip or whether the University pays for any of the trip expenses.  The Export Controls and Travel Embargo Form is located at:

If a foreign-flag air carrier is paid with Federal funds, the Fly America Act Waiver Checklist must be completed to document the exception to the Fly America Act.  The Waiver Checklist is located at UH Fly America Act waiver checklist . The Waiver Checklist must be uploaded as supporting documentation to the Concur Expense Report.

The Fly America Act of 1974 (49 U.S.C. 40118) requires that foreign air travel funded with Federal funds be performed on U.S. flag air carriers. Federal funds code numbers at the University of Houston are 5013, 5014, 5015, 5033, 5034 and 5035.

Sources MAPP 04.02.01B; Fly America Act of 1974 (49 U.S.C.40118)