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Office of Administration Mission & Vision

We are committed to  the Administration & Finance S.P.I.R.I.T of Service Excellence. This includes the following:

Service Excellence
Progressive Culture of Sustainability;
Innovation and Technology;
Retention and Engagement Practices that Support Employee Development;
Impactful and Data-Driven Goals; and
Transparency, Diversity and Inclusion in our Departments and Programs.

We are committed to division goals of continuous improvement and will:
  • Identify data needs and data management procedures
  • Train employees on use of data policies and measures for data management
  • Use data for decision making
  • Report on our results and be transparent with ourselves, our employees, and our customers
We are committed to being good stewards of our financial resources. This means we will:
  • Understand how each unit is funded and what that means.
  • Regularly meet to review financial performances.
  • Regularly review and track contract performance.
  • Understand institutional and departmental policies and procedures.
We recognize the value of engaged employees and as a leadership team, we are committed to public recognition & supporting our employees to include:
  • Develop recognition programs
  • Conduct Team building/networking programs
  • Nominate each other for internal & external recognition programs and support