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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the program? Cost of Program for the 2019-20 academic calendar year is approximately $14,775.

Are there scholarship opportunities? Yes, the College of Nursing offers numerous internal scholarship opportunities, as well as, external scholarship opportunities are posted on the College of Nursing website.

Can I start the program missing one or two classes? Transferring students must be State of Texas Core complete upon transfer to the University of Houston.

Are clinical sites assigned or do we have to find our own? The College of Nursing will assign the clinical sites.

How often are clinical rotations worked into the curriculum? What will my schedule look like? The RN to BSN program typically has three practicums: health assessment lab, community health clinical, and a capstone experience. Those associated classes necessitate class days starting around 8 am and ending around 7 pm, which includes the classroom component. The practicums are built into the curriculum so that the students complete our CCNE accredited program in one calendar year.

What other items are necessary for this program? (Uniforms, books, computer, etc.) Students may refer to Student Policies to obtain minimum software requirements and clinical readiness requirements. Student Policies are listed on the College of Nursing website. Because the program is web-enhanced, there are some costs associated with access codes and software. For example, students purchase a virtual clinical software for health assessment class that gives them half of the required laboratory time in an interactive online learning environment.

How successful is your program? The graduation rate for the College of Nursing RN to BSN program is 83.9%.

Am I guaranteed a job when I graduate? Most students are seeking to advance their careers at their current institutions or agencies. Many transition directly from their associate degree in nursing program and obtain internship positions in area hospitals. 91.89% of College of Nursing graduates report employment following graduation.

Does the College of Nursing offer job placement? UH Career Services can assist students with job placement. University of Houston at Sugar Land has a Career Services Office on site to meet the needs of students attending this campus. If a student is in good academic, professional, and ethics standing, faculty may assist with letters of recommendation.