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Pre-Nursing Pathway

The Pre-Nursing Pathway is for first-time-in-college (FTIC) degree seeking students. Students interested in this pathway will apply to UH as a Freshman student. Students will select Pre-Nursing as their major when applying to UH. We advise students to select Exploratory Studies as their second major; we work with Exploratory Studies advisors so they are kept up to date with Gessner College of Nursing policies.

Students who are admitted into UH on the Pre-Nursing Pathway are NOT automatically admitted into the Traditional BSN Track. ALL UH students who are interested in graduating with a BSN from UH must complete the Traditional BSN Track Admission Requirements and apply by the deadline (April 1 for Fall or August 1 for Spring).

The admission standards for Pre-Nursing are more rigorous than the general admission criteria for UH.