Physics Professor Selected as Hollingsworth Science Lecturer

Carlos Ordóñez to Give Lecture on String Theory

University of Houston Associate Professor of Physics Carlos Ordóñez has been invited to address HISD chemistry and physics teachers on the subject of string theory as part of the Marcile Hollingsworth Science Lecture Series Feb. 16, 2006.

The Hollingsworth Science Lecture Series occurs once a year at the Marcile Hollingsworth Science Center, and is part of the HISD Science Curriculum.

The lecture series is supported by Marcile Hollingsworth, former Houston ISD Science Curriculum Director, who has provided funds to keep teachers informed on science issues.

Ordóñez's area of research is theoretical high-energy physics, which is the study of the interaction of the smallest constituents of matter.

He conducts research regarding the thermodynamics of black holes and how the standard approaches to black holes connect with string theory.

Ordóñez joined UH in 1997. He received a PhD from the University of Texas in 1986.

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