Deadline Extended for 2005-06 Houston Mars Rover Model Competition

The 2005-2006 Houston Mars Rover Model Competition—a contest that challenges local grade-schoolers (grades 3-8) to create Mars Rover models—has extended the contest entry deadline to November 29th. The deadline is for receipt of an on-line entry, which can be accessed at

As part of a 6-week fall semester classroom-learning or homework project on Mars, students will design and construct a model of a Mars Rover to carry out a specific science mission on the surface of Mars.

The model will be a mock-up, constructed at a minimal cost (estimated cost of less than $10-$25) of mostly found objects and simple art supplies. If desired, teachers may supply students with a low cost ($10) solar powered car kit or a low cost RC car to serve as the chassis. Solar powered RC and free-form models will compete separately.

Students will be given design criteria for a rover and will be required to do basic research on Mars that will determine the operational objectives and structural features of their rover. This module may be used as part of a class studying general science, earth science, solar system astronomy, or robotics, or as a multi-disciplinary unit for a gifted and talented program.

More information can be found at the contest Web page,

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