Olufemi Ebenezer Akanbi Receives Book Award from National Association of Black Geologists and Geophysicists

Photo of Olfufemi Ebenezer AkanbiUniversity of Houston geosciences graduate student Olufemi Ebenezer Akanbi was recently awarded the 2005-06 Book Award from the National Association of Black Geologists & Geophysicists (NABGG).

NABGG scholarships are awarded to top students enrolled in geosciences programs in their respective colleges and universities and are given to applaud students’ efforts and challenge them to continue to press for excellence in their pursuits.

Interested in the field of exploration geophysics, Akanbi is currently working on a master’s thesis, “Use of Stack Amplitude to Estimate Gas Saturation in a Class 3 Amplitude versus Offset (AVO) Environment, Gulf of Mexico,” with Professor of Geosciences and Margaret Sheriff Professor of Applied Seismology Fred Hilterman.

The project involves developing a methodology for estimating gas saturation from seismic stack data, a case history study of a field in the Gulf of Mexico. “My career goal is to work in the oil and gas industry as a geoscientist, with emphasis on seismic interpretation and AVO analysis,” says Akanbi. “In addition, I intend to assist, mentor, and encourage students entering the field of geosciences and science as a whole.”

Presently, Akanbi is the Outreach Committee Chairman of the NABGG.