Bionanotechnology, Inorganic Materials Focus of UH Symposium in Korea

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Bear (back left), Advincula (middle front), and Pettitt (front, striped shirt) with faculty from Seoul University during a spring 2005 visit to Korea.

Forging Ties with University of Houston Korean Alumni, Establishing Sister-University Relationships Among Goals of Symposium.

Presentations of original research with applications ranging from electro-optical materials to biosensors will be given at a symposium hosted by the University of Houston College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) during the 96th Fall Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society Oct. 21-22, 2005 at Yonsei University, Wonju, Korea.
Highlighting the themes of "Inorganic Materials for Bionanotechnology" and "Synthesis and Applications of Inorganic Materials," six UH faculty, in addition to several UH alumni and Korean professors, are scheduled to give presentations. A reception and dinner for UH alumni will be held the night of Oct. 21.

"We are pleased to have Professors Younbong Park of Chungnam National University and Eunkyoung Kim of Yonsei University helping us organize this symposium," said Associate Professor of Chemistry Rigoberto Advincula, who is coordinating the event on the UH side. "NSM Dean John Bear is leading the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in building a strong relationship with Korea regarding academics, alumni, and students, as China, India, and Korea comprise the largest population of UH chemistry international graduate students. We plan to establish long-term relationships with our UH Alumni and colleagues in Korea."

Cullen Distinguished Professor of Chemistry B. Montgomery Pettitt, Associate Professor of Chemistry Shiv Halasyamani, Associate Professor of Chemistry Arnold Guloy, and Associate Professor of Chemistry T. Randall Lee, along with Bear and Advincula, are scheduled to give the following presentations:

  •  "Dendronized conjugated ligands and hybrid inorganic nanoparticles: energy
    transfer and electron transport properties."
    Rigoberto Advincula
  • "Synthesis, molecular structure, electrochemistry and spectroscopic properties of
    diruthenium (III,II) and monoruthenium (III) complexes containing pyridyl
    substituted 2-anilinopyridinate ligands." John L. Bear, Minh Nguyen, E. Van
    Caemelbecke, and Karl M. Kadish
  • "On the chemical nature of polar intermetallics: new insights into the chemical
    bonding and reactivity of zintl phases and polar intermetallics."
    Arnold M. Guloy
  • "Synthesis, structure, and characterization of new non-centrosymmetric oxides."
    P. Shiv Halasyamani
  • "Biocompatible hydrogel-coated gold nanoparticles for in vivo drug delivery."
    Jun-Hyun Kim and T. Randall Lee
  • "Activity modeling." B. Montgomery Pettitt

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