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Considering a Math Major?

By Dr. Mark Tomforde

One of the big misconceptions about mathematics is that the only thing you can do with a math degree is become a high school math teacher or an actuary. This could not be further from the truth! 

Mathematics provides a great preparation for a variety of jobs, and in the current job market many employers are desperate for applicants that have mathematics backgrounds and problem solving skills. Math majors are increasingly in demand and a mathematics major from UH can provide you with critical thinking skills and technical training that will give you access to numerous fulfilling, higher-paid jobs. 

Here are some questions that students frequently ask when they are considering a mathematics major:

Question 1: Can I get a decent job if I major in Mathematics?
Question 2: What kinds of careers are available to me if I major in Mathematics?

Question 3: Will a mathematics major help me if I want a job in Business or Finance? What if I want to become a Lawyer?

Question 4: What are the demographics of UH Math Majors? How many are female? How many are minorities?
Question 5: Are there any special degree programs or concentrations that the UH Math Department offers?
Question 6: What is it like being a Math Major? What is mathematics like beyond calculus?
Question 7: I'm in Precalculus/Calculus right now, and I'm not the best student in the class. Can I still be a Math Major?
Question 8: What about a double major with Mathematics?
Question 9: Can I talk to someone about being a Math Major?

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