Spring 2020 Mathematics Contest

The Spring 2020 Mathematics contest was a success! Thanks to all for participating in this event!

Each year the Department of Mathematics at the University of Houston hosts a Mathematics Contest in January or February on the University of Houston Central Campus.

The contest consists of 9 Individual Exams and The Smackdown Event, and a School Sweepstakes Event. Trophies are awarded to the top students from each individual exam as well as for the Smackdown event. In addition, team trophies are awarded to schools based upon overall student performance on the individual and team competitions. 

This year students from over 100 schools and multiple home schools took 1,114 Subject Exams, and 350 students participated in the Smackdown Event!


Message from the Chairman: "Dear All, Thank you so much to everyone who helped out and volunteered. Last Saturday’s Math Contest event was a success! Over 100 schools registered, 1,114 exams administered, and 350 students competed in the SmackDown, all these could not have taken place without the time and commitment of all of our staff, student and faculty volunteers. We appreciate the efforts of our volunteers who made such an event possible and successful. Thank you for sacrificing your Saturday to assist with operating, proctoring, and grading for the contest. With gratitude," - Jiwen He 



To learn more about the contest, please visit: http://mathcontest.uh.edu/


T-Shirt Designs

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Enjoy the photos from the event! 


crowd.jpg crowd2.jpg crowd3.jpg
smackdown-crowd.jpg smackdown-crowd3.jpg smackdown-crowd4.jpg
smackdowncrowd5.jpg smackdown-crowd6.jpg smackdown-crowd7.jpg
smackdown-crowd9.jpg trophies-matt-bekki.jpg trophies3.jpg
trophies2.jpg tshirt-toss1.jpg tshirt-toss2.jpg



Award Recipients

recipient1.jpg recipient2.jpg recipient3.jpg
recipient4.jpg recipient5.jpg recipient6.jpg
recipient7.jpg recipient8.jpg recipient9.jpg
recipient10.jpg recipient11.jpg recipient12.jpg
recipient13.jpg recipient14.jpg recipient15.jpg



School Sweepstakes

schoolsweep1.jpg schoolsweep2.jpg schoolsweep3.jpg

To view the 2020 Contest results, please click this link.  

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