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Master of Science in Statistics and Data Science (MSDS) - Hybrid

The Department of Mathematics, at the University of Houston, is launching a new Master program in Statistics and Data Science starting Fall 2017. This is a full-time Hybrid program which consists of 30 credit hours and can be completed in 1 year (Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters).


Key features of the program:

  • Build a solid foundation for students to learn Statistics and Data Science
  • Learning fundamental skills in Modeling and Analysis of Complex Data
  • Hands-on experience through didactic in class learning and research project practice
  • Improve programming skills to the professional level for data analytics
  • Streamline training through a one year program with 30 credits
  • Broaden knowledge to statistical research and machine learning
  • Applications to Biomedical Science, Human Genome, and Oil-Gas Industry, etc.
  • Require a minimal prerequisite of mathematical / statistical knowledge and programing languages
  • Mentored by experienced professors of many years teaching and research.
  • Most efficient and cost-effective professional degree program in the Houston area


A Sample of Courses:

  • Fall semester (4 required):

- Probability and Statistics I
- Linear Models and Regression Analysis I
- Statistical Computing
- Introduction to Stochastic Processes I


  • Spring semester (4 requied):

- Probability and Statistics II
- Design of Experiments
- Multivariate Statistical Analysis
- Data Mining and Automatic Learning


  • Summer Research Project (3 credits required): to work on a biomedical or industrial problem mentored by a statistics faculty in the department.
  • Elective (1 course either Fall or Spring semester) 


For a list of current students in the program, please click this link.

To view the poster, click this link.

Spring 2018 MSDS Open House 

Admissions: Application Deadline: July 1, 2017 (Fall semester only)

Texas resident tuition: $527/credit hour (approximately $16,710 for the program)

To apply, please click this Collegenet link.


Contact: Wenjiang Fu, PhD. Professor and Program Director,, (713) 743-7279, PGH 684

Mailing Address: Department of Mathematics, University of Houston, 3551 Cullen Blvd., 641 Philip G. Hoffman Hall, Houston, TX 77204-3008