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Please submit all EAS travel documents for all upcoming business/academic trips to the  EAS Requests Ticketing System. Look for your travel type below and complete the forms indicated.

  • First time travelers must be entered into the UH system as vendors and CONCUR travelers prior to submitting a travel request.
    • Vendor ID forms may be found here
    • To fax a vendor form to AP you can use the UH Copy Center services. If you would like EAS to cover the charge, Laura can assist you.
    • Please contact Laura Bell with any questions regarding your status as a vendor and CONCUR traveler.
  • Travel that takes place without a prior travel request will not be reimbursed.  The following deadlines are applicable for all employees, prospective employees, students, and university guests.
    • Domestic travel requires travel requests be submitted at least  3 weeks in advance.
    • Group travel requires all travel requests be submitted at least  2 months in advance.
    • Foreign travel requires travel requests be submitted at least   6 weeks in advance, and the following items are required:
      1. Foreign Travel Specific Statement Addendum
      2. Travel Request
      3. Export Control and Travel Embargo Form
      4. Paid economy class airfare

Important Reimbursement Information

  • If the business obligation starts in the morning, then travelers are allowed a 1-day stay before the conference begins.
  • If your business obligation ends after noon, then your final travel day can be the following day.
  • For more detailed information on what expenses will be covered, go to


  • DO NOT purchase airfare until you know the funding source.
  • All airfare purchased or reimbursed by the department must be economy class.
  • Airfare that includes personal travel dates cannot by purchased directly by the department, and may not be reimbursed at 100%.
  • All airfare purchased or reimbursed using federal grants must use a US carrier.  If a US carrier is not available, see the Fly America Act form.

Travel Reimbursements (Non-Overnight and Overnight)

  • Only 1 travel reimbursement per trip is allowed.
  • Submit all receipts no later than 45 days after returning from your trip. Late receipts will not be reimbursed.
  • Itemized receipts are required for all expenses. Per diem is the maximum reimbursable amount per day, but does not negate the need for receipts.
  • Note: Employees ONLY are not required to have itemized receipts for meals; however, are expected to still claim actual expenditures per day.
  • Non-overnight travelers may receive reimbursement for mileage, tolls, and parking. No food or drinks will be reimbursed for non-overnight travel.
  • Travel Packages: Avoid purchasing packages from Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, etc. which combines hotel, airfare, rental car, etc. Because the expenses are not itemized, they will NOT BE REIMBURSED by Accounts Payable.


  • T-cards cannot be checked out if there are 1 or more personal days.
  • Only airfare may be purchased using the Department T-Card.
  • UH employees ONLY:
    • Speak with Laura Bell directly if you are interested in using a multi-user T-Card.. 
    • For a list of allowable and unallowable expenses, read through the agreement you sign with Laura.


  • Travelers are allowed a 1-day stay before and after conference dates at destination city. A brief explanation is needed if your stay is longer.

Car Rental

  • To be reimbursed you MUST HAVE an MVR and a safety quiz on file with EAS.
  • Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis are preferred vendors.  UH has contracts with them for lower rates.  All business related car rentals should be placed with these providers, and car rentals with another company will only be permissible if none of these companies were available in your location.
  • In order to secure the State of Texas discounted rate, be sure to see Laura for contract rate identifier numbers and PIN number.
  • The Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Exemption that should be given to the rental company can be found at
  • Please note that the above information is only to be used when booking a rental car for UH related business travel. These discounted rates may not be applied towards personal travel.

Rules for Drivers

  • EAS employees who drive a department vehicle must complete and submit an MVR form and safety driving test. Please contact Laura Bell for more information and to confirm updated qualifications.
  • Field Trip/Field Camp drivers must meet with Laura Bell at least 3 week prior to travel in order to confirm driver status and that all necessary paperwork has been submitted properly.

Provost's Faculty Travel Fund

Student Travel Fund

The EAS Student Travel Award is designed to help graduate students in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences enhance their professional development and increase the visibility of EAS at international meetings. The maximum amount awarded to a student is set at $1000.00 per fiscal year.

1.  Students must be currently enrolled in MS or PhD degree programs in Geology, Geophysics, or Atmospheric Science
2.  Students can apply for more than one travel per year, provided that overall expenses will not surpass $1000.00 per fiscal year.
3.  The award is not intended to replace support for student travel from existing sources (e.g., contracts and grants)
4.  Students must apply for a specific conference and if they do not attend that specific conference, then they must reapply
5.  Qualifying conferences are those with substantial attendance of international audience to ensure international visibility of EAS research. Conferences include regular or annual meetings of a national professional society or international congresses.
6.  Conference presentations should be competitive entry
7.  To qualify for travel funds, students must be the presenting author and indicate on their abstract that their primary affiliation is the UH Dept of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. The research reported in the abstract must have been done substantially at the UH Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences - and not at a previous institution. 

When travel funds are limited, the committee will favor support for those applicants who have chosen oral presentations over those who have chosen poster presentations.

Application Process and Deadlines:

The application should be submitted as one single pdf file and contain the following information:
  1. Pertinent information about the travel according to the following form  Student Travel Fund Application 
  2. Abstract 
  3. Confirmation of abstract acceptance
  4. Justification how attending the meeting would be beneficial
  5. If awarded, submitted an EAS ticket for a travel request.  Tickets are submitted at and you can contact Laura Bell with any questions.

All applications will be reviewed by the EAS Student Travel Award Committee and the EAS Department Chair. The internal review and the subsequent travel request processing for approved travel awards requires that full applications need to submitted at least 5 weeks for domestic travel and at least 8 weeks for international travel prior the first day of travel. 


Domestic/Local Foreign/International Miscellaneous Forms

Travel Request

Trip Agenda [ Pre-] [ Post-]

Reimbursement Form

Post Trip Agenda

Travel Request

Foreign Trip Agenda [ Pre-] [ Post-]

Export Control & Travel Embargo Form

Foreign Travel Specific Statement Addendum Form [w/o Personal Days] [w/ Personal Days]

Reimbursement Form

Mileage Report

Fly America Act

Student Roster Form (Field Trip/Field Camp)

Drivers List Form