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Research Institutes and Programs

Research in the geosciences at University of Houston can be carried out within the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences and the Allied Geophysical Laboratories (AGL), which are closely coordinated. The University of Houston currently has 14 industry-funded consortia of which five are based in the EAS Department. A listing of all the consortia compiled by the UH Office of Research is located at:

Research facilities in the geosciences department are located on the second and third floors and the basement of the Science and Research I building. Arrangements can be made to use additional facilities on campus or nearby.

The following is a comprehensive list of the available facilities and research organizations based in the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences:

In addition to the facilities listed above, the department also offers the following:

  • Air Quality Atmospheric Chemistry Lab/Tower Coastal Center (Tower on Campus)
  • Seismic Acoustics Lab
  • Virtual Reality Lab