Xin-Gong Li - University of Houston
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Xin-Gong Li

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Xin-Gong Li

Curriculum Vitae pdf

  • 30+ years in geophysics, BSc 1984, MSc 1992, PhD 1997

  • Developed and applied some advanced technology to support businesses in North America (GOM, Alaska, US onshore), Canada (onshore unconventional), Africa (MPN acreage), Europe (Groningen/induced seismicity, North Viking Graben, Forseti, Grane, Draugen, GRO), South America (BC10, BS4 etc), China (East China Sea, Xijiang, Sichuan, Daqing etc)

  • Worked in areas of seismic data processing, quantitative interpretation, inversion, VSP, multi-component/OBC, CSEM, fluid/DHI, rock physics, recent experience in unconventional and microseismic monitoring

  • Managed consulting business since 2003 delivering advanced technology to clients 

Phone: (832) 282-9588