PhD Student Kyle Reuber Receives SEG/AAPG Best Paper Award for the Journal Interpretation

Paper Selected from 142 Papers Published by the Journal in 2019

An article by Kyle Reuber, a 2017 Ph.D. graduate of the University of Houston’s Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, and co-authored by Paul Mann, professor of geology in the EAS department, was selected by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists/Society of Exploration Geophysicists as the best paper published in 2019 in the journal Interpretation.

Kyle Reuber

The Best Paper in Interpretation Journal Award will be presented at the Editor’s Reception during the 2020 SEG Annual Meeting in October.

The paper entitled, “Control of Precambrian-to-Paleozoic orogenic trends on along-strike variations in Early Cretaceous continental rifts of the South Atlantic Ocean,” uses deeply-penetrating seismic reflection to illustrate how basement trends formed during earlier orogenies in what is now South America and Africa controlled the breakup of the two continents during the Early Cretaceous. The original draft of the paper was a chapter in Reuber’s 2017 Ph.D. dissertation carried out under the supervision of Mann.

Reuber is currently employed as an exploration geologist at ION Geophysical in Houston.

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