Sternbach Authors Forbes Piece on Super Basins

Forbes Features UH Energy Fellows’ Articles on Future of Global Energy

Charles Sternbach

Charles Sternbach is past president of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, a University of Houston Energy Fellow, and an adjunct professor in the UH Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. In February, he authored a piece for Forbes magazine entitled “It's Not Just the Permian. Super Basins are a Global Phenomenon.”

Sternbach’s specialty is the study of petroleum “super basins” defined as basins that already have produced five billion barrels of oil and contain the potential to produce an additional five billion barrels of oil.

His article emphasizes that fossil fuels, which presently make up about 80 percent of the global energy supply, are predicted to continue to account for 80 percent of the global energy supply to at least 2040. Super basins like the Permian will play a major role in providing these hydrocarbons.

Posted on February 21, his article had more than 6,800 reads in two weeks.


Forbes magazine hosts articles by UH Energy Fellows on all aspects of energy exploration, engineering, policy, and law.  

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