Outstanding Student Oral Presentations and Posters Chosen for 2017 EAS Student Research Day

Students Presented 84 Talks and Posters at the Day-Long Event

A judging team of 25 departmental professors and oil industry experts selected winners from 84 talks and posters presented at the 2017 Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Student Research Day. The event was held in Science & Research Building 1 at the University of Houston.

Rasheed AjalaGraduating undergraduate Rasheed Ajala presents his poster on flexure associated with large deltas. He will start a Ph.D. program in geophysics at Louisiana State University in fall 2017.The poster competition is subdivided into various groups based on the level of the presenters that range from undergraduate students, M.S. to early Ph.D. students, and Advanced Ph.D. students. Advanced Ph.D. students also presented in an oral presentation category.

The 25 volunteer judges included 12 EAS professors and 13 oil industry geoscientists.

Oral Presentations from Advanced PhD students

  • 1st Place (Room 634): Delaney Robinson
  • 1st Place (Room 223): Kurt Sundell
  • 2nd Place (Room 634): Yukai Wo
  • 2nd Place (Room 223): Lillian Schaffer
  • 3rd Place (Room 634): Dustin Villarreal
  • 3rd Place (Room 223): Hongli Jing

Thanks to following judges:

Room 634: Yuxuan Wang, John Suppe, Rob Stewart
Room 223: Julia Wellner, Margarete Jadamec, Robert Talbot

Undergraduate Poster Presentations

  • 1st Place: Ane Slabic
  • 2nd Place: Valerie Smith
  • 3rd Place: Julian Chenin

Thanks to the judges for the undergraduate posters:

Lance Wood, Barbara Tillotson, David Meaux, Elizabeth Beal

M.S. and Early Ph.D. Poster Presentations

  • 1st Place: Janet Kong
  • 2nd Place: Yi-Wei Chen
  • 3rd Place: Beatriz Serrano-Suarez

Thanks to the judges for the M.S. and early Ph.D. category:

Yonsoo Choi, Xun Jiang, John Castagna, Keith Mahon, Olga Kostenko, Aria Abubakar, Peter Duncan, Kush Tandon, Stephen Naruk

Advanced Ph.D. Poster Presentations

  • 1st Place: Shutting Yang
  • 2nd Place: Diana Krupnik
  • 3rd Place: McKensie Kilgore

Thanks to the judges for the Advanced Ph.D. category:

Anahita Tikku, Evgeny Chesnokov, Bob Wang, Jinny Sisson, Clay Painter, Eugene Szymanski