Spotlight on Student Research: 2016 Ph.D. Showcase

Thirty-One Students Presented Posters

In mid-April, students, faculty and guests gathered at the M.D. Anderson Library’s Rockwell Pavilion to hear about the current research of Computer Science Ph.D. students. The event began at 2 p.m. with welcoming remarks from Dr. Shishir Shah, Associate Chair of the Department of Computer Science.

2016 Ph.D. ShowcaseThroughout the afternoon, 31 Computer Science Ph.D. students shared highlights of their posters. Through one-on-one discussions, the students guided judges, faculty and guests through an in-depth explanation of their poster and research.

“It was fun to interact with other CS Ph.D. students and faculty. It is a constructive way to get feedback and learn more about the department,” said Dinesh Majeti, a Computer Science Ph.D. student.

The Ph.D. Showcase is an annual departmental event to showcase the research of Computer Science Ph.D. students who have the opportunity to demonstrate their research, receive feedback and exchange information. This academic exchange supports research in the Computer Science community.