Promotions within the Computer Science Faculty

Promotions within the Computer Science Faculty
Hilford promoted to Instructional Associate Professor. Deng, Ordonez promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure.

Victoria Hilford: Promoted to Instructional Associate Professor

Dr. Hilford, one of our own Ph.D. graduates, has taught computer science courses at UH since 2001. Her methodology in teaching Object Oriented Languages, Data Structures, Databases, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, and Software Engineering helps to ensure the success of our graduates in the workforce. Dr. Hilford has also served as Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Recruiting for several years. Her outreach to Houston area high schools not only helps increase Computer Science enrollment but also brings some of Houston’s brightest high school students to UH.

Zhigang Deng: Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Dr. Deng joined UH’s Department of Computer Science as an Assistant Professor in 2006 after earning his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California. Dr. Deng has developed an integrated research and education program in the areas of computer graphics, animation, and interactive media. His research on the generation of realistic and socially engaging faces and animated virtual humans is fundamental to next-generation virtual worlds, computer-mediated communication, and entertainment applications. He has secured seven external research grants, including three from NSF and one from the Texas Norman Hackerman Advanced Research Program, and published 19 peer-reviewed journals articles and more than 40 peer-reviewed conference papers.

Carlos Ordonez: Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Dr. Ordonez received his Ph.D. from Georgia Tech in 2000 and worked for several years at Teradata before joining UH’s Department of Computer Science as an Assistant Professor in 2006. He is recognized for developing efficient algorithms and optimizations to compute statistical models on large data sets inside relational database systems, enabling analytics beyond queries. His research has enabled statistical analysis of large-scale scientific data inside a database system. Dr. Ordonez has over 70 papers, more than 1,100 citations and has been PI of two research grants from the National Science Foundation.