UH Team Advances in Premier Student Technology Competition

The Imagine Cup Competition 2009 is in its second round, and the UH Department of Computer Science has four of its own, Team UH Cougar - (ROBOTCRAFT) Qin Gu, Joe Harris, Nathaniel Hammen, Michael Yahn and (Mentor) Jose Baez, all of Team UH Cougar competing to make history and the chance to travel to the finals in Egypt. The other notables UH Teams that competed were Team Awkward Salmon Studios - (Ambassador) Anshul Verma, William Holtkamp, Mathew Hornbostel, Phillip Trevino and (Mentor)Dr. Zhigang Deng- Team Wecede - (Malaria) Dan Biediger, Yuet Li, Ming Tsang, Evan Susanto and (Mentor) Dr. Olin Johnson - Team Magic Hat - (037) Ryan Atkinson and (Mentor) Chang Yun.

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