UH Biology Professor Awarded with the 2010 Society of Wetland Scientists Merit Award.

Biology and Biochemistry professor Steven Pennings was awarded the Merit Award by the Society of Wetlands Scientists at their 2010 annual meeting in recognition of his outstanding research on latitudinal gradients in ecological interactions.  Pennings’ research in Atlantic Coast wetlands has been supported by two NSF grants and a grant from the National Geographic Society, and has shown that the strength of interactions between plants and herbivores, and the traits mediating these interactions, vary strongly across latitude in salt marshes in both the United States and Europe.  Results of the work have been published in a series of papers in the journals Ecology and The American Naturalist, which are among the best journals in the field of ecology.  The Society of Wetland Scientists has around 4,000 members from the United States and other countries, and is the primary scientific organization in the world focused on the scientific study and management of freshwater and marine wetlands.


Dr. Pennings Dr. Pennings receiving SWS award