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UH Experts Available to Discuss Arrest of Cartel Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Guzman

The arrest of world’s most wanted drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, is being watched by people around the world. While the arrest answers the decade-long question of his whereabouts, it begs new questions about extradition, jurisdiction, the drug war and impact to the drug trade and cartel operations. 

University of Houston experts are available to discuss various aspects of the Guzman case from the legal issues —extradition, Mexican law and international law— to historical and cultural issues, including the policies related to the drug war and potential national security impacts from the arrest. 


PaustJordan J. Paust is the Mike and Teresa Baker Law Center Professor of International Law at the Law Center of the University of Houston. He is a prolific writer on international law and one of the most cited law professors in the nation. Paust is available to discuss topics related to extradition, treaties, customary international law, jurisdiction, human rights, international crimes and the incorporation of international law into U.S. domestic law. Paust can be reached at or 713-743-2177. 



Stephen Zamora, Leonard B. Rosenburg Professor of Law, is director of the Center for U.S. and Mexican Law at the University of Houston Law Center and also serves as director of the North American Consortium on Legal Education. He can address general aspects of the Mexican legal system and legal institutions (the judicial system, executive and legislative powers), cultural attitudes and politics, and geopolitical aspects of US–Mexico relations. Prior to joining the faculty of the University of Houston Law Center in 1978, Zamora practiced international law in Washington, D.C. He has been a Senior Fulbright Lecturer in Mexico and, in 2006, Zamora received the highest distinction awarded by the Mexican government to a foreign national, the Order of the Aztec Eagle, in recognition of his work in promoting U.S.-Mexican understanding. He is the lead author of the book "Mexican Law" (2004, Oxford University Press). Zamora can be reached at or 713-743-2137.


CortinaJeronimo Cortina is an assistant professor in the University of Houston Department of Political Science and the Center for Mexican American Studies. He is a research associate at the Center for Public Policy at the University of Houston specializing in American and Latino politics, immigration and comparative politics. Professor Cortina is available to discuss the political and national security repercussions of this arrest for Mexico and the United States and what is next in relation to the region’s drug war. Cortina can be reached at or 713-743-3894.


For more information or assistance in arranging an interview with these experts, please contact a media relations representative.