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July 2004: It's site-updating time again. Please let me know of any broken or defunct links I've missed, or suggest sites I should check out for possible inclusion. Thank you for using Women in the Middle Ages -- and thank you for your patience!

This site includes not only texts, translations, and articles of and about the Middle Ages (roughly 450-1500 A.D.), especially about women, but bibliographies and indexes to print sources, as well.

Dr. John Lienhard of the University of Houston and creator and host of KUHF Public Radio's Engines of Our Ingenuity suggested that I gather into one Web site the various Engines programs which focus on the Middle Ages in some way, and especially those which focus on medieval women. He further suggested that this site include links to other Medieval-themed sites to enrich medieval studies research which might begin via an Engines of Our Ingenuity program. In April 1998, I created the original of this Web site as a graduate student in the School of Information Sciences for my third Master's degree, U of Tennessee-Knoxville. When I returned to this site in the summer and fall of 2001, primarily a medieval studies scholar and librarian specializing in literature, myth/folklore, and Maid Marian (i.e., the Robin Hood material), I had moved to Houston, Texas, and married Henry Greek, a medieval historian -- who introduced me to Engines of Our Ingenuity. Dr. Lienhard often includes fascinating but little-known information about the Middle Ages in his radio program, and I am happy to draw these pieces together with other sites to encourage further research.

When this site is more or less complete--and, in many ways, it will never be complete--it will include at least fourteen basic categories. Each Directory link leads to a Directory of annotated site-links; some site-links occur more than once.

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