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Licensing and Trademarks

Trademarks Usage

It is the responsibility of University Marketing, Communication and Media Relations division to protect the integrity of the University’s official logos when used by an individual division, college, program, department, etc.

The University maintains a licensing agreement with Learfield Licensing Partners, who administers the licensing process on behalf of the University and assists with issues of legality and enforcement.

Use of the University of Houston’s trademarks without license or permission from University Marketing is strictly prohibited. If in doubt, consult with UH Branding prior to use of the official marks.

No individual, regardless of his affiliation with the University, may use any University mark in any manner that suggests or implies University support or endorsement of a point of view, personal or political opinion, business activity, or movement.

External Business or Individual

Any business or individual that would like to sell items or apparel with the University of Houston’s name or trademarks for commercial purposes will need a license. This includes using trademarked logos for retail distribution or any business that advertises in order to sell products to faculty, staff, students or any campus units.

If not licensed, the businesses or individuals will need to engage in the vendor licensing process through our official partner, CLC Licensing.

Anyone outside the university who would like to use UH logos, logotypes or other marks for non-commercial purposes, such as showcasing a partnership on a flyer or placing on a website, should complete the Intellectual Property Use Permission form (PDF). This permission exempts them from paying a licensing fee or being fined for license/trademark infringement.


Any faculty, staff or students ordering promotional items such as t-shirts, pens and mugs with a University logo must use a licensed vendor. A list of all licensed vendors can be found on the CLC Licensing website.

If the vendor is not licensed, the vendor will need to engage in the licensing process through our official partner, CLC Licensing.

All UH faculty, staff and students may use the University logos request form for reports, research grants, proposals, other business or academic related documents without prior licensing permission.