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Internal Use and Intellectual Property Basics

This page is dedicated to providing information to Faculty, Staff and Students about the internal use of trademarks by individuals and groups within the University of Houston. For information about partnerships with parties outside the university, please see the Partnerships & Types of Usage page. For information about licensing of university trademarks for external commercial use, please visit the Licensing Basics page.

University of Houston System Trademark Policy 09.02.2

The use of names, logos, and symbols which distinguish the University of Houston are governed by the Board of Regents Policy 09.02.2 and detailed in University of Houston System Administrative Memorandum 01.D.03 – Trademark Use.

Table of Contents

Internal Use

Internal use occurs whenever any division, college, program, department, faculty, staff, student, or registered student organization uses the university marks on promotional materials for their own use or free distribution.

Administrative Use

When promotional items are ordered bearing the university marks for internal use, the items must be ordered from a licensed vendor and abide by UH Branding Standards (logo, color, typography, etc.).

Examples of promotional items for internal use:

  • A college ordering pens to distribute at an orientation event.
  • A student organization ordering shirts to give to its members at no cost.
  • A staff member ordering notepads with a university wordmark for the office.
  • A faculty member ordering a mug as a gift for a graduate assistant.

Only University Copy, Print, and Delivery Services or companies holding a current University of Houston Internal Usage license can fully comply with the University’s policies and procedures for the development and approval of licensed products.

For a directory of licensed vendors and materials that each vendor has permission to produce with the university marks, please visit our licensing partner’s site, Affinity Licensing.

If you are a company, group, or individual interested in becoming a licensed vendor for the University of Houston, please visit our Licensing Basics page.

Academic Use

Academic Use – such as reports, research grants, proposals, other business or academic related documents, etc.

  • Internal – if the document is not to be circulated outside the university, no pre-approval is required
  • External – if the document is to be circulated outside the university (local, regional, national or international), all branding guidelines must be applied and brand approval is required

Student Organizations

With more than 300 Student Organizations (RSOs, USOs, UHSSOs, ASOs or other) being fostered by the Center for Student Involvement, a high volume of promotional items are ordered each academic year.

In an effort to ensure that you, as Student Organization, are following brand and trademark policies, please visit our page UH Brand & Student Organizations as well as download and reference the Student Organization Brand Guide.

If your student organization is not registered, please contact the Center for Student Involvement.

NOTE: 'Student Organizations' references all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), University Student Organizations (USOs), UH Sponsored Student Organzations (UHSSOs), Affiliated Student Organizations (ASOs) or any other student organization on-campus.

Use of Marks on General Marketing Material

For general marketing material other than promotional items complete the Intellectual Property Use Permission form and submit it as an attachment to

If approved, this form grants permission for external third parties to use designated University intellectual Property for a specific purpose. The form does not give external third parties permission to use the University’s marks on an ongoing or general basis.

Examples of Intellectual Property Requests are:

  • Showcasing a Partnership on a flyer not created by a university entity
  • Placing the university marks on an external website
  • Using the logo on a presentation showcasing all event sponsors

UH faculty, staff and students may use the University logos on university-branded marketing activities or advertising material without receiving separate permission for use. However, all materials using university trademarks must be submitted to for review and approval before being posted, transmitted, or produced.

If you have any questions about whether an Intellectual Property Use Permission form is required, please email for guidance.