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Brand Management, Licensing & Trademark Policies

The University of Houston brand and adherence to its components and guidelines will ensure consistency and recognition of the brand. Recognition of the greater University brand benefits each of its programs and key segments independently and promotes a strong brand identity. To ensure consistency and compliance with the UH Branding policies, we have listed the relevant UH & UHS policies below:

MAPP 01.04.01 University Marketing and Communication
This policy defines the rules and procedures governing the use of the brand by all divisions, departments, and business units on campus. To learn more about this policy, its implementation and associated procedures, please see sections below (Branding for University Marketing, Definitions and Procedures).

MAPP 04.01.03 Procurement - General
This policy indicates all advertisements or printed items with any University of Houston logo, logotype, or trademark must be approved by UH Branding, which includes selecting a licensed vendor for purchases. This policy also clarifies that all established units of the University of Houston or University of Houston System must adhere to the UH Brand Style guidelines.

SAM 01.D.03 Trademark Management
This policy promotes and protects the System and its component universities by defining the standards and processes that have been put in place to protect both the UHS and university (UH, UHCL, UHD and UHV) trademarks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We recommend starting with the Brand Guidelines page to see what resources are available. From this page, we highly recommend visiting the Usage & Guidelines to see which resource would best serve you.

University Logos - To download UH logos as a Faculty/Staff/Student, please visit the download zone

Editorial Guide - To understand technicalities in referencing the university in writing. For more information, also consult the Voice and Tone section.

Visual Identity - Outlines the University of Houston’s color, typography, video and photography guidelines

This type of application is considered Non-Commercial Use. Please visit the linked page to learn more about the steps to apply the UH logo.

The Partnerships & Usage page outlines how to apply the UH brand appropriately when partnering with one or more other organizations.

The Permission to Use Trademarks page outlines all the steps needed to receive permission to use the UH marks.

For any parties interested in selling UH items, please visit our page Application for a License.

We have outlined the approval process on the Branding Review page.

If you have a question about the UH Brand, Licensing or Trademarks that isn’t answered here, please contact