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Brand Management, Licensing & Trademarks

It is the responsibility of the University Marketing and Communications division to protect the integrity of the University’s trademarks when used by an individual division, college, program, department, or organization.

Use of the University of Houston's trademarks without a supporting license agreement or permission from the Division of University Marketing and Communications is strictly prohibited. If in doubt, consult with a member of the Brand Management, Licensing and Trademarks team.

Brand Management, Licensing & Trademarks Vision

The University of Houston Department of Brand Management, Licensing, and Trademarks is dedicated to standard-setting education and leadership in the protection, promotion, and elevation of the University of Houston brand through the strategic management of the University of Houston’s trademarks in communications and its deployment on retail consumer goods.

Brand Management, Licensing & Trademarks Mission

  • To ensure proper use and application of University of Houston trademarks by providing instruction and oversight to internal and external users.
  • To promote and elevate the University of Houston brand through relationships with campus divisions and departments, student organizations, alumni, friends, licensees, and retailers.
  • To generate revenue to support the greater mission of the University of Houston.