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The Health Issue

Examining the Road to the UH College of Medicine


Message From The President

The University’s commitment to educating health care professionals and providing support for community well-being runs deep.

Leading From The Front

Meet the new University of Houston System Regents.


Powerhouse Team Fights Cancer

University of Houston and the MD Anderson Cancer Center partner on mentorship program. The project, called the UHAND Partnership, aims to reduce cancer rates and increase survivorship among traditionally underserved populations.

Culturally Sensitive Care

In collaboration with the department of Hispanic studies, the College of Pharmacy offers a Certificate in Hispanic Health care, the first program of its kind in the nation.

the Right Prescription for Mobile Health Care

UH engineer creates efficient routes to send mobile health care clinics into at-risk communities in the Houston.

A New Touchpoint

Project TOUCH expands its reach into underserved communities.

Health Disparities

Researchers and health care providers are focused on solving inequities in health care outcomes.

Food For Fuel

Tackling obesity, food Insecurity and poor nutrition

Mental Health

Finding Rest For The Weary

The Sleep and Anxiety Center of Houston at UH offers low-cost, evidence based clinical services for children, adolescents and adults.

Advancing Adolescent Mental Health Care

UH clinic focuses on assessing and treating adolescents who struggle with emotional and relationship difficulties.

The Love Connection

Exploring how unhealthy relationships can affect your health.

Feeling Anxious? You're Not Alone

TrACH provides support for those struggling with trauma and anxiety.

Piece by Piece, Finding Peace

Putting the puzzle together during postpartum depression

Health Science

Apps, Algorithms and Nanoparticles

Researchers lead a wave of tech innovation to improve health care.

Listen Up

A decline in your hearing can lead to a free fall of your health.

Contacts at Night Can Prevent Glasses by Day

The University Eye Institute offers its new Myopia Control Service to correct and control nearsightedness in children.

Walking The Walk

Helping Parkinson’s patients regain their balance.

From Idea To Reality

Medical discoveries push UH higher in global ranking for issued patents.

Move It

Sitting can be hazardous to your health.

Battling Lupus

UH physician researcher is on the front lines.

It's All in Your Head

A protein in the brain could be the key to curing alcoholism.

Simulated Environment, Real Results

Using science and simulation to help solve health challenges.

Health Education


Could you be a victim of discrimination based on your health?

Human Medicine

Putting the humanities in health care

last look

Last Look

Today’s nurses have come a long way from wearing white uniforms and caps. While a College of Nursing existed at UH from 1948 until 1956—it closed because of mounting financial and administrative challenges. Today’s UH College of Nursing, established in 2015, teaches the next generation of highly educated professionals to make critical assessments and autonomous decisions, preparing them to become clinical nursing experts, nurse practitioners, administrators of health care, nursing faculty and nurse researchers.