Dear Cougars and Friends,

As I begin my 10th year serving as the president of the University of Houston, I continue to be astonished almost every day at the remarkable progress that’s been made in our collective effort to elevate UH into a nationally competitive institution.

Some of our successes have been the result of bold thinking and decisive action, like the construction of a new football stadium, while others have been the result of steady but persistent attempts to move forward, sometimes requiring challenging readjustments and changes in course before achieving the desired outcome.

Our earning a Phi Beta Kappa chapter, for example, was the culmination of a tenacious and protracted effort led by a group of staunch faculty members. But what a wonderful accomplishment! In many ways, I point to the Phi Beta Kappa chapter as the achievement I’m proudest of so far, because it validates our transformation of UH into a student-centric university. Simply put, you don’t qualify for Phi Beta Kappa unless you have clearly established a culture that supports your students at every turn.

In this issue of UH Magazine, you will find examples of the remarkable range of accomplishments and endeavors taking place here every day.

Some are as high profile as launching our extraordinary “Here, We Go” campaign to raise $1 billion for the University or hiring promising new coach Major Applewhite for our nationally applauded football team. Some are less publicized but no less telling, like our continuing community engagement efforts to help the Third Ward improve itself with initiatives like SURE™ (Stimulating Urban Renewal through Entrepreneurship) or the carefully considered development of our academic and clinical resources into a platform for enhanced public health care and a College of Medicine.

The subjects of these articles vary, but they have a common theme—this University keeps making progress, taking small steps and large. A dedicated faculty, ambitious student body and supportive community have combined to power us forward. We plan to keep moving in that direction.

With warm regards,

President Khator's Signature

Renu Khator
President, University of Houston