Fluidity Conference

The LGBTQ Resource Center is planning ahead for a Fall 2019 conference. We are looking for a team of creative, motivated, and dependable students to join the conference planning committee. Position description are listed below.

Application Deadline: Thursday, April 4, 2019, 10pm

Committee members must be able to attend three meetings during the summer 2019 (one of the meetings can be remote for all members except the co-chairs). The time commitments is 3-4 hours per week from the start of Fall 2019 until the date of the conference. Expect more of a time commitment the two weeks prior to the conference.

Conference Date: Mid October

Click here to apply to the conference planning committee and list options for interview times. You are welcome to apply for more than one position.

Conference Committee Members Position Descriptions

Co-chairs: 2 positions - The two co-chairs will work together to oversee all aspects of the conference planning and implementation. They will work closely with the LGBTQ Resource Center staff to set and follow timelines, and ensure all committee members are on track with assigned duties. They will be responsible for workshop selection.

Marketing Member: 1 position – This position is responsible for collaborating with Creation Station in creating fliers and posters for the call for proposals and the conference. They assist with outreach efforts (getting the word out), through social media, fliers, newsletters, campus posters, etc. This position will also design the program for the day of the conference.

Outreach Member: 1 position – This position’s only responsibility is outreach for the call for proposals and the conference. Outreach efforts include getting the word out through social media, fliers, newsletter, campus posters, etc.

Outreach and Workshop Selection Members: 1-2 positions – This position will assist the co-chairs with workshop selection and assist the outreach member with outreach.

Logistics Member: 1 position – This position is responsible for assisting staff with determining and requesting building and room set-up needs, including AV, tables, chairs, and signage. They will also be responsible for determining volunteer needs and coordinating volunteers.