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Teacher Certification in Dance - Secondary Education

The state requires all educators in secondary schools to have a major in their teaching field. UH has an approved program that prepares students to take the state’s teaching certification exam in Dance; however we do not provide the certification itself.

Dance students seeking dance certification must audition for the Dance Program as a dance major and declare their minor in Education through the College of Education’s Teacher Education program by the end of their sophomore year. Students begin taking their education courses in their junior and senior years. The Teacher Education program is organized into four phases: Pre-Teaching, Developing-Teaching, Student Teaching 1, and Student Teaching 2. When a student completes their major in Dance and the requirements for the Teacher Education Program they are eligible to take the Official State TExES 8-12 exams to obtain certification to teach 8-12 Dance in Texas. For additional information visit College of Education web site:

Presently, there is no certification in dance for PK-8. Texas only has standards and certification for secondary school. Certification for dance in PK-8 is dependent on the state of Texas adopting standards for PK-8 which has been drafted.