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Frequently Asked Questions

For Prospective Dance Students

  • Do I need to audition?
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    • Yes. All dance major, minor, and dance certification students must audition to be accepted into the dance division. Audition information:
      • Fall Audition October 20, 2018 – For students interested in attending the University of Houston in Spring semester or Fall semester 
      • Spring Audition 2019 TBA – For students interested in attending the University of Houston Fall semester
    • Location: Dance Auditions will be held in Cynthia Woods Mitchell for the Arts Building (room 208) located off Entrance 16 on Cullen Blvd. The building (also known as Wortham Theater) is across from the Grove Park, near the Moores Opera House.
      Time: 9:30 am Registration
      Audition begins: 10:00 am
      Audition content: The audition is structured as a class, starting with ballet barre then center work & across the floor in modern/jazz styles. The audition is structured as a class, starting with ballet barre and then going into center work & across the floor in modern/jazz styles. Students do NOT need to prepare choreography. Please wear appropriate dance attire.

      There is an Information Session and tour of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts building following the audition.
  • What courses can I sign up for if I have not auditioned?
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    • You should sign up for level 1 technique courses and if it is the Fall semester, DAN 1300.
  • Is dance technique required?
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    • Yes. All major/minors must be enrolled technique classes every semester, even if they have completed the required technique course levels.
  • If I am not yet accepted by UH Admissions can I still do the dance audition?
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    • Yes, students can audition for the Division of Dance before being accepted by University of Houston Admissions.
  • How much training is necessary be accepted into the program?
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    • We accept students at all levels into our program. You will be evaluated on both your level and on your potential to successfully complete our degree program in the time frame allotted for an undergraduate degree.
  • Can I apply for a scholarship?
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  • I am from another state and am visiting Houston, can I come and visit classes and speak to someone?
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    • UH tries to accommodate potential students who have traveled a distance to visit the campus. Observing a dance class is by prior permission of the dance faculty. The first step is to contact Erika Jimenez who can be reached via email or call the central office for her phone number: (713) 743-3003.
  • Can I send in a video or do a private audition if I have missed the auditions?
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    • No, private auditions are not held due to time constrictions of the dance faculty. Students are expected to plan ahead and audition in March to begin classes in the Fall semester and audition in October to begin classes in the Spring semester.
  • Are there performing opportunities for dance students? 
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    • Yes. We have a student company called the UH Dance Ensemble that has a rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule. Freshmen are not eligible to be in Ensemble and Ensemble members must be registered in Level 3 technique classes. Auditions for Ensemble are usually held at the end of Spring semester. The Ensemble performs in the annual Faculty Dance Concert in Spring, at the American College Dance Festival, and other university and community events.
      We also have a student organization University Dance Theater that sponsors dance performing events for students including The Emerging Choreographers Showcase (stage production) in Fall Semester; March Monday Madness (studio production); and UH Goes to the Barn (professional stage production off campus) in Spring. Auditions and information about these events are given out at the Fall student orientation.
  • I am a transfer student. Will my credits in dance be transferred? 
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    • You will need to get your updated transcripts (with grades) and dance course syllabi from the dance courses you hope to transfer to our student Advisor Erika Jimenez. Ms. Jimenez will also ask you to fill out forms for the courses you are requesting to transfer. Ms. Jimenez and the dance faculty will evaluate your materials and make a decision. In general, most CORE courses (math, sciences, English, etc) will transfer if your grades allow it. For dance, some will transfer – it will depend on the course content and whether the content is equivalent to our curriculum and goals. Erika Jimenez can be reached via email or call the central office for his phone number: (713) 743-3003. 

    • Transfer students need to be aware that it will take a minimum of 2.5 years (5 semesters) to complete a BA in Dance if the incoming student is at the intermediate advanced level technically.
  • I want to be certified in dance to teach in the state of Texas. What do I do? 
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    • The state requires all educators in secondary schools to have a major in their teaching field. UH has an approved program that prepares students to take the state’s teaching certification exam in Dance, however we do not provide the certification itself.

      UH has an approved program that prepares students to take the state’s teaching certification exam in Dance; however we do not provide the certification itself.

      Dance students seeking dance certification must audition for the Dance Program as a dance major and declare their minor in Education through the College of Education’s Teacher Education program by the end of their sophomore year. Students begin taking their education courses in their junior and senior years. The Teacher Education program is organized into four phases: Pre-Teaching, Developing-Teaching, Student Teaching 1, and Student Teaching 2. When a student completes their major in Dance and the requirements for the Teacher Education Program they are eligible to take the Official State TExES 8-12 exams to obtain certification to teach 8-12 Dance in Texas. For additional information visit College of Education web site:

      Presently, there is no certification in dance for PK-8. Texas only has standards and certification for secondary school. Certification for dance in PK-8 is dependent on the state of Texas adopting standards for PK-8 which has been drafted.
  • How do I get started in the Teacher Education Program to declare my education minor for certification in dance?
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    • Students apply to the Teacher Education Program in the semester prior to the Pre-Teaching semester. First, see your Academic Advisor for your dance major to obtain a copy of your degree audit. Second, schedule an appointment in the beginning of your Sophomore Spring semester with an Education Advisor to complete your minor degree plan and apply for the Teacher Education Program (Farish Hall).
  • How do I find out more information? 
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    • We have a Fall Dance Orientation/Pizza Party the first Wednesday annually at 4pm in Melcher Gym Dance Studio room 230. There are presentations about course requirements, performing opportunities, social events, auditions, and our student organization at this event. Alls students are required to attend, even if they have been to an orientation in the past.

      We also do a mini-orientation at the auditions in October & March, which allows incoming students to find out more about our programs prior to acceptance.
  • What classes can a non-major take?
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    • Priority is given to dance students who are in a degree plan for dance. However, non-majors are welcome to take technique classes that are level appropriate if there is room in the class. For Level 2 technique and above, the first day of class serves as a level assessment. The instructor will advise you whether you can remain in the class according to the level assessment. With the exception of Dance Aesthetics, most non-technique dance classes are restricted to dance degree students, and have pre-requisites.