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Over the summer, the School of Theatre & Dance faculty, staff, and administrators have been preparing for a successful new academic year.  We have prioritized health and safety concerns and sought out innovative strategies to offer an engaging curriculum through multiple modes of instructional delivery. In light of those priorities, some fall coursework in the School of Theatre & Dance will have options for face-to-face or remote instruction. The majority of classes and productions will be conducted online, and all classes can be taken online. No student will be required to be on campus for classes or production activities if that is your preference.

We hope that the FAQ below will give you a better understanding of our plans. This information is current as of August 7, 2020. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Fall Course Enrollment

There are certain classes within the School of Theatre & Dance that will offer face-to-face instruction, called hyflex learning, this fall. Students will have the opportunity to “opt in” to this instructional delivery mode as applicable, by choosing the face-to-face section of the course. The hyflex mode of instruction will not be used for all classes, and you will see that many SoTD classes are offered online only. The faculty has determined which courses will be offered in hyflex format based on individual course content. Additionally, there will be some hyflex production/crew work. As we are prioritizing the health and safety of both students and faculty/staff, these courses and productions will utilize all appropriate PPE, and be held physically distanced. Most of these courses will augment face-to-face learning with online components, to keep the possibility of viral transmission down to an absolute minimum. For those who are unable or otherwise not ready to return to the classroom, we will make all of our courses remotely accessible for any student or faculty member who prefers that mode of instruction. You may also contact your instructor of record or area head for more detailed information regarding plans specific to your area of specialization.
Many of our academic courses have been moved to a fully online, or remote, format. Select classes will still be offered partially face-to-face, or hyflex. Please search the UH class schedule to determine if a specific course will be offered only remotely, or if there is a face-to-face section available.


At this point, we are hoping to offer both online performance opportunities and certain in-person options. Most productions will be rehearsed and performed entirely online, while there may a small portion of the fall season created in our rehearsal and performance venues. Currently, we do not plan to welcome audiences into our spaces, but we are exploring live-streaming and live-recorded options. Please keep in mind that these plans may be adjusted as circumstances change. As with all our hyflex/face-to-face learning options, the health and safety of our community is our primary focus.
We want to be sure that our audiences and supporters can be part of our creative activities, and so we are planning for all of our scheduled performances to be either streamed live, or recorded in advance and posted for later viewing by an online audience.
We are committed to helping students continue their artistic development, and progress through their degree plans. This fall, faculty will continue to work with students to provide multiple opportunities for hands-on experience, which may include coursework, recorded performances, or other commensurate projects.

General Concerns

Currently, the School of Theatre & Dance is scheduled to be accessible during normal operating hours when the campus reopens. However, we ask that only those students who have opted for the hyflex instructional delivery method make use of our facilities until further notice. No unscheduled meetings or rehearsals will be permitted. This is necessary for us to maintain physical distancing guidelines, and to engage in efficient contact tracing, to keep you and the whole SoTD community safe and healthy. The UH administration is developing guidelines and procedures regarding building and room occupancy limits. Once these are established, we will share any additional information. We will follow all UH health and safety guidelines as we work within the building.
The University of Houston facility services will be engaged daily in cleaning our classrooms and performance spaces. Within SoTD, we are establishing procedures and protocols that will help keep us safe and healthy. These include plans for physical distancing, the use of PPEs, cleaning protocols for our spaces and equipment, and the management of how we move through the facility on a daily basis.

Further questions? Contact Rob Shimko ( or Karen Stokes (kestokes@Central.UH.EDU)