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Degrees Offered

Master of Music in Accompanying and Chamber Music


To provide advanced training for private music teachers in vocal performance and in techniques of private and group vocal teaching.

Entrance Requirements:

  1. Bachelor of Music degree (preferably in piano performance).
  2. Minimum 3.0 GPA for last sixty (60) semester hours; 3.0 GPA for all music hours.
  3. Satisfactory scores on the Graduate Record Examination General Test.
  4. Full senior recital in undergraduate degree.
  5. Beginning graduate level performance as determined by audition before members of the keyboard faculty.
  6. Satisfactory test results on entrance examinations in music theory and music history.

Degree Program:

MUSA 6140, 6240 and/or 6440: Applied piano - 12 semester hours. (Additional hours of applied piano will not count towards the degree)MUSI 6200: Graduate Accompanying Seminar - 4 semester hours.MUSI 6100: Chamber Music - 2 semester hours.MUSI 6300: Introduction to Musicology - 3 semester hours.MUSI 4397: Piano literature - 3 semester hours.MUSI xxxx: Music literature elective - 3 semester hours.MUSI xxxx: Music theory elective - 3 semester hours.XXXX xxxx: Free electives (4000 or higher in music courses) - 3 semester hours.
TOTAL: 33 Semester Hours

Comprehensive Examination Requirement:

All students must take the comprehensive examination in the last semester of study.

Recital Requirement:

Three (3) collaborative recitals which, in sum, reflect string, brass, woodwind and vocal literature, including chamber works. Two-piano and four-hand piano music may be represented as well. All prosepctive programs must be approved by the Director of Keyboard Collaborative Arts and the student's recital committee.

For more general information about the M.M. degree, please go to: Moores School of Music Graduate Handbook

Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance with an Emphasis in Keyboard Collaborative Arts


To provide skilled pianists advanced study and performance experience as collaborators with vocalists and instrumentalists. While affording the pianists a broad spectrum of opportunities, this program is flexible enough to allow specialization by offering a choice ofemphasis between vocal accompanying, instrumental collaboration and chamber music, and also prepares the student for teaching at the college level.

Entrance Requirements:

  1. Master of Music degree in piano performance or in Keyboard Collaborative Arts (or its equivalent).
  2. Minimum 3.0 GPA for all graduate work attempted.
  3. Satisfactory scores on the Graduate Record Examination General Test and Music Subject Test.
  4. Satisfactory test results on entrance examinations in music theory and music history.

Residency Requirements:

One year (consecutive Fall and Spring semesters) of full?time study (12 hours per semester); the year of residency should preferably be the first year of doctoral studies.

Foreign Languages Requirement:

The foreign language requirement must be completed by the end of the residency year (which is typically the first year of study). A reading knowledge of French, German, or an approved substitute, is required and must be demonstrated in one of these ways:

  1. Receiving a satisfactory score on the Educational Testing Service exam.
  2. Completing two (2) semesters of graduate reading courses. (UH offers such reading courses in French, Spanish, and German on a rotating basis.)
  3. Satisfactorily completing four (4) semesters of undergraduate language courses.
  4. Demonstrating competency in the language to the satisfaction of the major professor and the Director of Graduate Studies. In this case, the student would be assigned articles or chapters from a book in the foreign language, and after an adequate time for preparation, be expected to translate portions from this material with the use of a dictionary. An evaluation would be made by an expert in the particular language.

Degree Program:

MUSA 8120, 8220, 8420: Doctoral Applied Music - 16 semester hours.
MUSA 8240, 8241, 8242, 8243: Doctoral Performance - 8 semester hours.
MUSI 8300: Doctoral Research Seminar - 3 semester hours.
MUED 8301: Seminar in Performance Pedagogy - 3 semester hours.
MUSI 8303: Seminar in Music Theory - 3 semester hours.
MUSI 6100: Graduate Chamber Music - 2 semester hours.
MUSI 6200: Accompanying - 4 semester hours.
MUSI 8350, 8351: Performance Practice I & II - 6 semester hours.
MUSI 8399: Research, Doctoral Document - 3 semester hours.
Minor Area ( music literature, music theory, conducting, music education, or outside [non-music] ) - 12 semester hours.
TOTAL: 60 Semester Hours

Public Performance Requirements:

One (1) solo recital or One (1) solo concerto performance with orchestraThree (3) collaborative recitals - either:
A. Two (2) Vocal & One (1) Instrumental - (for students with vocal emphasis)
B. Two (2) Instrumental & One (1) Vocal - (for students with instrumental emphasis)

One (1) lecture recital in area of specialization

All prospective programs for the Public Performance Requirement must be approved by the student's Doctoral Committee.

For more general information about the D.M.A., please go to: Moores School of Music Graduate Handbook