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  • Alan Austin

    Alan Austin

    General and Artistic Director,
    Immanuel & Helen Olshan Texas Music Festival

    Contact: tmf@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3167
                   MSM 120J

    Area: Administration

  • Zachary Averyt

    Zachary Averyt

    Affiliate Artist in Voice and Pedagogy

    Contact: zbaveryt@uh.edu  
                   MSM 172

    Area: Voice/Opera


  • Mark Barton

    Mark Barton

    Instructional Associate Professor of Tuba
    Division Head of Brass and Woodwinds

    Contact: mbarton@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3186
                   MSM 142

    Area: Brass

  • Paul Bertagnoli

    Paul Bertagnoli

    Associate Professor of Musicology

    Contact: pbertagnolli@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3144
                   MSM 217

    Area: Musicology

  • David Bertman

    David Bertman

    Professor of Practice
    Director of Bands 

    Contact: dbertman@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3183
                   Winston E134

    Area: Band

  • Cora Bigwood

    Cora Bigwood


    Contact: cmbigwood@uh.edu
                   MSM 139

    Area: Music Education

  • Rhona Brink

    Rhona Brink


    Contact: rlbrink@uh.edu

    Area: Music Education

  • Wayne Brooks

    Wayne Brooks

    Affiliate Artist in Viola

    Contact: wabrooks@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3733
                   MSM 203

    Area: Strings

  • Jason Burton

    Jason Burton

    Assistant Theater Manager

    Contact: jburton@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3431
                   MSM 167

    Area: Moores Opera House


  • Cynthia Clayton

    Cynthia Clayton

    Professor of Voice 
    Director of Undergraduate Studies 

    Contact: cynthiaclayton@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3304
                   MSM 309

    Area: Voice/Opera

  • Courtney Crappell

    Courtney Crappell

    Director of the Moores School of Music
    Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy

    Contact: ccrappell@uh.edu
                   MSM 120

    Area: Piano


  • Adam Dinitz

    Adam Dinitz

    Affiliate Artist in Oboe/English Horn

    Contact: aldinitz@uh.edu
                   MSM 176

    Area: Woodwinds

  • Matthew Dirst

    Matthew Dirst

    Professor of Musicology

    Contact: mdirst@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3150
                   MSM 215

    Area: Musicology

  • Aralee Dorough

    Aralee Dorough

    Affiliate Artist in Flute

    Contact: adorough@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-6118
                   MSM 353

    Area: Woodwinds


  • Joseph Evans

    Joseph Evans

    Professor of Voice
    Division Chair, Voice Studies Area

    Contact: jsevans@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3149
                   MSM 301

    Area: Voice/Opera


  • Jonathan Fischer

    Jonathan Fischer

    Affiliate Artist in Oboe

    Contact: jfischer4@uh.edu
                   MSM 176

    Area: Woodwinds

  • Joel Fulgham

    Joel Fulgham

    Affiliate Artist in Percussion

    Contact: jfulgham@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3264
                   MSM 268

    Area: Percussion



  • Erin Hansen

    Erin Hansen

    Assistant Professor of Music Education

    Contact: emhansen@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-4908
                   MSM 132

    Area: Music Education

  • Raymond Harvey

    Raymond Harvey

    Clinical Associate Professor of Opera

    Contact: rcharvey2@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-1797
                   MSM 315

    Area: Conducting

  • Charles Hausmann

    Charles Hausmann

    Professor of Choral Studies

    Contact: chausmann@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3160
                   MSM 164

    Area:Choral Studies/Conducting/Music Education

  • Timothy Hester

    Timothy Hester

    Professor of Piano
    Director of Keyboard Collaborative Arts

    Contact: thester@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3309
                   MSM 227

    Area: Keyboard

  • Mark Hughes

    Mark Hughes

    Affiliate Artist in Trumpet

    Contact: mahughes2@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3509
                   MSM 335

    Area: Brass


  • Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson

    Affiliate Artist in French Horn

    Contact: rjohnson3@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3387
                   MSM 341

    Area: Brass

  • Timothy Jones

    Timothy Jones

    Associate Professor of Voice

    Contact: tjones24@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3179
                   MSM 307

    Area: Voice/Opera

  • Kristin Johnson

    Kristin Johnson

    Theater Manager

    Contact: kljohn22@central.uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3305
                   MSM 106

    Area: Moores Opera House 


  • Julie Derges

    Julie Derges

    Associate Professor of Music Education
    Division Head of Music Education

    Contact: jdkastner@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-4547
                   MSM 130

    Area: Music Education

  • Brian Kauk

    Brian Kauk

    Affiliate Artist in Trombone

    Contact: bkauk@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3334
                   MSM 345

    Area: Brass

  • Anthony Kitai

    Anthony Kitai

    Affiliate Artist in cello

    Contact: akitai@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3379
                   MSM 211

    Area: Strings

  • Jamey Kollar

    Jamey Kollar

    Contact: jakollar@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3379
                   Winston E134

    Area: Band

  • Timothy Koozin

    Timothy Koozin

    Professor of Music Theory
    Division Head of Music Theory

    Contact: tkoozin@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3318
                   MSM 148

    Area: Music Theory

  • Franz Krager

    Franz Krager

    Professor of Conducting
    Director of Orchestral Studies

    Contact: fak@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3189
                   MSM 178

    Area: Conducting

  • Cameron Kubos

    Cameron Kubos


    Contact: ckkubos@central.uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3190
                   Winston E134

    Area: Band


  • Barbara Rose Lange

    Barbara Rose Lange

    Professor of Ethnomusicology

    Contact: rlange@central.uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3315
                   MSM 219

    Area: Musicology

  • Anna Langley

    Anna Langley

    Lecturer in Music Education

    Contact: alangley2@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3334
                   MSM 139

    Area: Music Education

  • Shannon Langman

    Shannon Langman

    Patron Relations Coordinator

    Contact: slangman@uh.edu
                  (713) 743-8036
                   MSM 120-P

     Area: Administration


  • Ji Yeon Lee

    Ji Yeon Lee

    Professor of Music Theory 

    Contact: jlee227@central.uh.edu
                   (713) 743-9452
                   MSM 152

    Area: Music Theory

  • Suzanne LeFevre

    Suzanne LeFevre

    Affiliate Artist in Viola

    Contact: slefevre@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3656
                   MSM 205

    Area: String


  • Noe Marmolejo

    Noe Marmolejo

    Associate Professor of Jazz
    Director of Jazz Studies

    Contact: nmarmolejo@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3191
                   MSM 146

    Area: Jazz

  • Marcus Maroney

    Marcus Maroney

    Associate Professor of Composition
    Director of Graduate Studies

    Contact: mkmaroney@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-9477
                   MSM 321

    Area: Composition/Theory

  • Dominique McCormick

    Dominique McCormick

    Affiliate Artist of Voice

    Contact: dmccormick2@uh.edu
                   MSM 172

    Area: Voice

  • Laura McGregor

    Laura McGregor

    Faculty in Keyboard

    Contact: llmcgregor@uh.edu
                  UH Sugarland

    Area: Music Education

  • Cory Meals

    Cory Meals

    Assistant Professor in Music Education

    Contact: cdmeals@uh.edu

                   (713) 743-7359
                   MSM 134

    Area: Music Education

  • Kevin Miller

    Kevin Miller


    Contact: kjmiller3@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-8448
                   MSM 329

    Area: Opera

  • Tali Morgulis

    Tali Morgulis

    Associate Professor of Piano

    Contact: tmorgulis@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3180
                   MSM 237

    Area: Keyboard

  • Jeb Mueller

    Jeb Mueller

    Associate Director of Choral Studies

    Contact: jmueller2@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3319
                   MSM 156

    Area: Choral Studies/Conducting/Music Education

  • Nancy Murphy

    Nancy Murphy

    Assistant Professor of Music Theory

    Contact: nemurphy@central.uh.edu
                   (713) 743-7446 
                   MSM 140

    Area: Music Theory

  • Stacia Morgan Dunn

    Stacia Morgan Dunn

    Academic Advisor

    Contact: slmorgan@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3314

    Area: Administration


  • Mark Nuccio

    Mark Nuccio

    Affiliate Artist in Clarinet

    Contact: menuccio@uh.edu

    Area: Woodwinds


  • Howard Pollack

    Howard Pollack

    John and Rebecca Moores Professor of Musicology
    Division Head of Musicology

    Contact: hpollack@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3165
                   MSM 223

    Area: Musicology

  • Rhonda Pitts

    Rhonda Pitts

    Program Manager of Band

    Contact: rmpitts@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-0477
                   Winston E-134

    Area: Band

  • Dana Pradervand

    Dana Pradervand

    Associate Director of Bands

    Professor of Practice

    Contact: dsprader@Central.UH.EDU
                   (713) 743-3627
                   Winston E-134

    Area: Band


  • Gavin Reed

    Gavin Reed

    Affiliate Artist in French Horn

    Contact: greed3@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3888
                   MSM 223

    Area: Brass

  • Daryl Robinson

    Daryl Robinson

    Assistant Professor of Organ
    Director of Organ Studies

    Contact: darobins@central.uh.edu
                   (713) 743-0316
                   MSM 166

    Area:Keyboard/Organ Studies

  • Buck Ross

    Buck Ross

    Edythe Bates Old Professor of Music
    Director, Moores Opera Center

    Contact: bross@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3162
                   MSM 184


  • Chester Rowell

    Chester Rowell

    Affiliate Artist

    Contact: cdrowell@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3762
                   MSM 331

    Area: Woodwinds

  • Peggy Russell

    Peggy Russell

    Affiliate Artist in Flute

    Contact: prussell@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3009
                   MSM 353

    Area: Woodwinds


  • Vagram Saradjian

    Vagram Saradjian (1948-2019)

    Professor of Cello

    Contact: cello@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3155
                   MSM 209

    Area: Strings

  • Rob Smith

    Rob Smith

    Professor of Composition
    Division Head of Composition
    Director, AURA Contemporary Ensemble

    Contact: robsmith@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3163
                   MSM 327

    Area: Composition

  • John Snyder

    John Snyder

    Professor of Music Theory

    Contact: jlsnyder@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3143
                   MSM 150

    Area: Music Theory

  • Melanie Sonnenberg

    Melanie Sonnenberg

    Professor of Voice

    Contact: msonnenberg@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-9963
                   MSM 221

    Area: Voice/ Opera

  • Andrew Staupe

    Andrew Staupe

    Assistant Professor of Piano

    Contact: apstaupe@Central.UH.EDU

                   (713) 743-4113
                   MSM 233

    Area: Piano

  • Melissa Suhr

    Melissa Suhr

    Affiliate Artist in Flute

    Contact: mdsuhr@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3153
                   MSM 205

    Area: Woodwinds

  • Brian Suits

    Brian Suits

    Instructional Assistant Professor

    Contact: bjsuits@central.UH.EDU
                   (713) 743-3684
                   MSM 235

    Area: Keyboard


  • Katherine Turner

    Katherine Turner

    Associate Director, Moores School of Music 

    Contact: klturner5@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3863 
                   MSM 120K

    Area: Musicology


  • Hector Vasquez

    Hector Vasquez

    Instructional Assistant Professor of Voice

    Contact: hectorvasquez@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3157
                   MSM 305

    Area: Voice/Opera

  • Dan Vinson

    Dan Vinson

    Affiliate Artist in Euphonium

    Contact: dsvinson@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3651
                   MSM 203

    Area: Brass

  • Todd Van Kekerix

    Todd Van Kekerix

    Lecturer in Piano Pedagogy

    Contact: tevankek@central.uh.edu
                  (713) 743-3577                                                                                                                          MSM 231

    Area: Piano

  • No Pic

    Jim Vasallo

    Affiliate Artist in Brass

    Contact: jvassallo@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3332
                   MSM 341

    Area: Brass


  • Elise Wagner

    Elise Wagner

    Affiliate Artist in Bassoon

    Contact: elwagner@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3328
                   MSM 351

    Area: Woodwinds

  • Robert Walp

    Robert Walp

    Affiliate Artist in Trumpet

    Contact: rmwalp@uh.edu
                   MSM 331

    Area: Brass

  • Alec Warren

    Alec Warren

    Instructional Assistant Professor of Percussion                                                                          

    Contact: pawarren@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3192
                   MSM 180

    Area: Percussion

  • Betsy Weber

    Betsy Weber

    Professor of Choral Studies
    Director of Choral Studies

    Contact: bweber@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3194
                   MSM 154

    Area: Choral Studies/Conducting/Music Education

  • Lawrence Wheeler

    Lawrence Wheeler

    Associate Professor of Music

    Contact: lwheeler3@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3148
                   MSM 168

    Area: Music Appreciation & Fundamentals

  • Michael Wheeler

    Michael Wheeler

    Affiliate Artist in Guitar

    Contact: mwheeler4@uh.edu
                   MSM 176

    Area: Jazz

  • Chapman Welch

    Chapman Welch

    Lecturer in Music Technology

    Contact: cwelch3@uh.edu
                   MSM 214 - Computer Lab

    Area: Technology

  • Sixto Wagan

    Sixto Wagan

    Director, Community Arts Academy 

    Contact: sawagan@central.uh.edu
                   (713) 743-4281
                   MSM 120Q

    Area: Administration

  • David Ashley White

    David Ashley White

    Professor of Composition

    Contact: dwhite@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3170
                   MSM 141

    Area: Composition

  • Dennis Whittaker

    Dennis Whittaker

    Affiliate Artist in Double Bass

    Contact: dwhittaker@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3379
                   MSM 211

    Area: Strings

  • Blake Wilkins

    Blake Wilkins

    Professor of Percussion
    Division Head of Percussion 

    Contact: bwilkins@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3192
                   MSM 186

    Area: Percussion

  • Woody Witt

    Woody Witt

    Affiliate Artist in Jazz Saxophone

    Contact: wwitt@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-2545
                   MSM 180

    Area: Jazz


  • Kirsten Yon

    Kirsten Yon

    Associate Professor of Violin
    Division Head of Strings

    Contact: kayon@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3154
                   MSM 201

    Area: Strings

  • Carrie Young

    Carrie Young

    Director, Academic Affairs and Student Success

    Contact: cyoung11@uh.edu
                   (713) 743-3172

    Area: Administration