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KGMCA-PRH Fellowship Application

The Center for Art & Social Engagement (CASE) and Project Row Houses (PRH) have created a fellowship program that invites artists and cultural practitioners to the Third Ward and the University of Houston as Suzanne Deal Both Fellows. Fellows will engage in creative collaborations that involve the Third Ward community and address issues important to them.

Two Suzanne Deal Booth Fellows—one local to Houston and one non-local individual—will have a year-long mentorship with CASE Director Sixto Wagan and PRH’s curator and programs director. Engagements with PRH co-founders and other local leaders will be an ongoing part of the process. Local artists, faculty members, community members, and selected leaders will offer their support during this process. Fellows will present to the public their research-to-date at the end of their fellowship.

The Fellowship program brings artists, cultural practitioners, urban planners, educators, and policy makers to engage with the PRH process and the greater Houston community. The program educates and empowers the next generation of leaders in socially engaged art and activism, disseminates a known successful practice, and seeds discourse across the nation.

Benefits of the program include: 

  • $15,000 annual stipend as Suzanne Deal Booth Fellow
  • $5,000 project/research budget
  • Community Brain Trust of local artists, community members and faculty to advise and ground the project in a local discourse
  • Local housing at Project Row Houses with up to $3,500 in travel support for non-Houston fellows

In return, the fellows are asked to engage our communities—including the historic Third Ward neighborhood, the University of Houston, the local and regional arts community—in a process that involves:

  • A public presentation of previous work and Fellowship guiding questions at the beginning of the Fellowship
  • A public talk/project at the end of residency
  • Co-organizing a Community Conversation with program directors
  • Monthly meetings with the program directors

To apply for the Fellowship program, previous applicants were required to complete the online application and submit the following materials:

  • Narrative proposal (max. two pages in length)
  • Resume/curriculum vitae
  • samples of previous work (for use in contextualizing your work to our stakeholders)
  • One (1) recommendation letter - Recommendation letters can be written by fellow artists, community members, mentors or colleagues. The letter should speak to the applicant’s creative history, work in communities and the potential impact of the fellowship on the applicant or the applicant’s potential impact on our communities.

The narrative proposal (max. two pages in length) asked the following questions:

  • What are the guiding questions for your work in this fellowship?
  • What would this fellowship with UH & PRH allow for that you have not yet investigated/achieved?
  • How does this investigation build upon your history of community engagement?
  • How will the fellowship contribute to the development of your creative career?
  • What are your leadership strengths, and how will the fellowship either complement or enhance those strengths?
  • In what ways can the university community support/enhance your creative investigation?
  • For non-resident applicants: please include an ideal timeline for your Fellowship, considering your other commitments and the Fellowship stipend and travel budget. For example, would you move to Houston for the entire year, stay for multiple months at a time or conduct consistent week-long visits? We will take your external commitments and needs of our communities into consideration when reviewing applications.

Stay tuned for announcements about the 2021 Fellowship.