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Alt.Models - Next Generation Alternative Spaces

10:30 - 11:45pm
Student Center Space City Room

The Alt.Model session investigates a new crop of spaces that are changing some of the dynamics between artists and audiences.  By giving different opportunities to local artists, and shifting the paradigm from simply putting stuff on the walls of a white cube, these individuals are addressing a gap in the arts ecosystem. What are the needs and gaps that this sector is addressing? Are these about long-term solutions, or about addressing now?  What are these new models offering audiences that cannot (should not) be addressed by other institutions?

Moderator: Brandon Zech

The small group discussions focus on topics and ideas relevant to audience engagement, but unlike a panel which provides information, these sessions are limited seating and are intended to uncover the underlying issues and questions. Members of the Student Leadership Board will facilitate a fishbowl-like discussion where our selected conversationalists will get the ball rolling.  After our selected speakers have highlighted some main ideas and underlying questions, we ask that the others in the room contribute their views. Information from these sessions may inform the frameworks of investigation for future gatherings.