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What does it take to be a 21st Century Arts Community?

Featured speaker Maria Rosario Jackson speaks about the qualities of leadership in the arts, and what it would take to provide "artful lives for everyone."

Changes in technology, shifts in funding structures, Houston’s new demographics, and increasing competition for audiences are redefining the rules for artists and arts organizations.  Beyond just surviving this moment, how can we lay the foundation for future success?

The Leadership in the Arts Summit invited artists, arts administrators, curators, students, faculty, funders, philanthropists, community members and potential partners to come together for a collective exercise in forward thinking about the Houston arts ecology. 

Featuring speakers who reshaped the national arts funding trends, the Leadership in the Arts Summit asked What does it take to be a 21st Century arts community? Through panels and open discussion, the Summit gave the arts a chance to discuss the current state of the arts in Houston and where we go from here.

The Leadership in the Arts Summit was sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the UH Arts initiative with support from the Center for Public History, the El Paso Corporation Lecture Series and the Houston Endowment.

For a quick overview, check out a selected series of twitter responses that contributed to #UHArts trending citywide. You can also read the article about the event from the Daily Cougar' Zoe Quezada and the Arts & Culture recap.

2014 LiA Speakers and Panels

Download the Full Summit Program

Featured Speaker: Maria Rosario Jackson -The Artist and their Publics in Cross-Sectoral Projects – Lessons Learned and Future Questions

Featured SpeakerAnn Markusen - Creative Economies: Challenges for Artists, Arts Organizations, Cities and Neighborhoods

Featured Speaker: Paul Bonin Rodriguez – Leading with the Artists

Advocacy – From the Artist to the State

Art and Community Making: Exploring Houston 

Audience/Community – The Spectrum of Stewardship 

Center for Houston's Future – 2014 Arts & Cultural Heritage Indicator Report

Trends in Funding and Philanthropy

Welcome Remarks

We are grateful for our sponsors who made this event possible:
The El Paso Corporation Lecture Series