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As the University of Houston’s center for applied research on creativity and artistic industries, CASE provides a platform for UH faculty, staff, students and alumni to engage in dialogue and problem-solving with Houston-area practitioners, national tastemakers and international innovators. CASE also uses its influence to situate Houston — the university, city, and its people — into public conversations about creative economies, creative placemaking, audience engagement, diversity and leadership pipelines, and other topics that shape the arts as a cultural and financial enterprise.

  • Catalyze dialogue about responsible and responsive, community-engaged creative practice
  • Promote opportunities for creative exchange among the Greater Houston Community, the University, and our student body
  • Create and support cross-disciplinary networks among arts practitioners, faculty and students
  • Increase the cross-sector collaborations within UH Arts as well as with other university disciplines
  • Compile and disseminate research and case-studies for innovation and best practice in data-driven, impact-rich, community creative practices
  • Define methodologies for assessment that are holistic, longitudinal, multi-variable
  • Strengthen the relationship among artists, administrators and curators on local and national levels
  • Provide access to leadership opportunities and training to non-traditional leaders and emerging professionals
  • Establish and reinforce relationships that build toward equitable societies through creative process and product.