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Course Requirements

Students must meet TSI (Texas Success Initiative) requirement in addition to other academic requirements.

UH - Core Requirements

42 Hours

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences - Requirements

15 hours

Two Courses:

6 Hours

2000 level course or above in one Foreign Language


Three Courses :

9 Hours

College courses outside of the major requirements, core, and language requirementes*
Limit of one course per field

Completion of one of the following requirements


  • Approved minor
  • Second major
  • Second bachelor's degree
  • Senior honor thesis

Major Requirements

51 Hours

Art History - Four Courses

12 Hours

οARTH 1380 Art and Society: Prehistoric to Gothic (Mandated Course)

οARTH 1381 Art and Society: Renaissance to Modern (Mandated Course)


ARTH 3000/4000 level (any subject in the 20th or 21stCentury)(Mandated Course)


ARTH 2000/3000/4000 level elective (Mandated Course)


Fundamentals: Five 1000 Level Studio Courses

15 Hours

ART 1301 Drawing (Mandated Course)




Related Arts: Eight Studio Courses

24 Hours              

Seven courses must be 3000 or 4000 leve
No more than three 3000/4000-level courses in one studio discipline

Studio Disciplines: Drawing; Ceramics; Graphic Communications; New Media; Painting; Photography/Digital Media; Printmaking and Sculpture


Electives to meet required hours for graduation^


Elective courses include hours taken to fulfill College Requirement #3  


120 hours              

ο Specific course which fullfills a CORE requirement as well as a major requirement

 Total hours required for graduation: 120 semester hours 

* One 1000 level foreign language course qualifies.

A total of 36 advanced (3000 or 4000 level) semester hours must be completed for graduation.