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Course Requirements

Master of Fine Arts Degree

The graduate program leading to the M.F.A. degree is a 60 semester-hour degree program comprised of 18 hours in the concentration, 12 hours in art history, 24 hours of related arts, and six hours of graduate seminar. Candidates for the Master of Fine Arts degree are encouraged to complete all course work for the degree within three years to ensure the sustained concentration requisite to the achievement of quality work at the graduate level. Students must complete the degree program within five years. Additionally, students are required to complete one academic year in residence during the course of their degree program. This residency is defined as 18 semester hours comprising a minimum of nine semester hours taken in two consecutive semesters (fall followed by spring).

Throughout the program of study, students will be evaluated on a regular basis. A progress review is required during each of the first two semesters of enrollment in the graduate program. The student selects a committee at the beginning of the second year and works closely with the committee members until the degree is completed. The committee will hold a formal review of the student’s work annually, beginning the second year.

In the spring semester of their final year, all graduate students present their work in a thesis exhibition at the Blaffer Art Museum, with accompanying photographic documentation. The creative work and supporting documentation will represent the visual thesis. In addition, students must produce a written thesis, normally in the first semester of the final year of work for the degree, and pass a comprehensive oral examination conducted at the time of the Thesis Exhibition. The examination will cover students' knowledge of their major discipline, of art history, and of related areas of art. 

Course Requirements

  • Three years of study
  • Written Thesis, Thesis Exhibition and Oral Exam
  • PDM Concentration Course Requirements

18 hours in Photo-Digital Media (PDM) Concentration

1. This can be expanded to include ART 6371, ART 6372 or PDM graduate level Topic Courses. 
2. ART 6370 Photography Studio is required a minimum of four times as follows:  both semesters of the first year, one semester of second year and the second semester of the third year. 

24 hours of Related Arts

1. Courses outside of PDM concentration related to the graduate student’s goals and interest are strongly encouraged.
2. With permission from PDM area coordinator 12 hours of credits from major can be applied to the Related Arts.

12 hours of Art History

1. ARTH 6320, Readings in 20th & 21st Century Photography, is mandated.
2. Courses taught in critical studies may also apply to this requirement.

6 hours of Seminar 

1. ART 6380 – in the fall semester of the first year
2. ART 6381 – in the fall semester of the last year