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UH School of Theatre & Dance Partners with The Catastrophic Theatre to Bring ‘Glowingly Dark, Profoundly Moving’ Play to Campus

Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright Will Eno will be in residence at the University of Houston for this special co-production.

In an unprecedented partnership, The Catastrophic Theatre and the UH School of Theatre & Dance are co-presenting a visiting production of Will Eno’s new play, “Wakey, Wakey.”

Created by Austin’s Hyde Park Theatre, a champion of new alternative theatre, and described by The New York Times as “glowingly dark, profoundly moving,” “Wakey, Wakey” grapples with the human impulse to continue expressing oneself — even as we near our inevitable end. The play revolves around a dying man named Guy, played by artistic director Ken Webster, and his caretaker, played by Rebecca Robinson. The result is joyous, surprising, frequently funny and ultimately rapturous.

“Wakey, Wakey” offers a kind of spiritual a bookend to Eno’s Pulitzer Prize-nominated one-man play “Thomas Pain (Based on Nothing),” which was staged by Catastrophic in 2016 and described by the Houston Press as offering a “searing lesson in how life is messy and wonderful and sucks from time to time.” Blown away by the original production, the Austin American-Statesman wrote, “[Ken Webster] turns the play into an outright celebration of what it means to live a worthwhile life that leaves an impact on other people.”

Eno will also serve as an artist-in-residence at the SoTD during the production, offering UH students a chance to get up-close-and-personal with the esteemed playwright.  

“Wakey, Wakey” runs from January 24 – February 3 in the Quintero Theatre. For tickets and more information, visit