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Phone Matrix

  CX300 CX500 CX600 CX700 CX3000
High definition audio for best possible voice calls X X X X X
Convenient buttons for controlling calls X X X X
Driver-less plug and play installation X
Ideal for lobbies X
Ideal for hallways X
Ideal for break rooms X
Access calendar X X X
Join meetings X X X X X
Gain access to personal contact information X X X
Color touch screen display X
Log-in fingerprint swipe X
Menu navigation wheel X
Speakerphone X X X X
Headset support X X X
3.5-inch QVGA Color LCD X X
3.5-inch Color TFT LCD X
5.7-inch amorphous- TFT Active-Matrix Transmissive Color LCD X
Wall mountable X X
Status indicator X X X X
Message waiting indicator X X X
View contacts (Federated) and Corporate Directory users X X X X
PIN authentication X X X
Add multiple people to an existing call X X X X
Transfer calls to mobile phone X X X X

For Skype for Business (SFB) related questions or problems, send email to