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Managing Digital Signage

A digital sign is composed of:

  • Content player: Computer that powers a digital signage display
  • Content Manager: Software used to edit, deploy, and schedule signage content
  • Digital signage server: Coordinates updates sent from the Content Manager software to the digital sign

Signage can be managed via a web interface or through a desktop application. The desktop software is a full-featured application that allows administrators to manage user permissions, add/remove signs, edit signage designs (templates), and schedule content deployments. The web interface can be used for content management and scheduling.

Content can be deployed to a single screen or multiple displays. When content is deployed, it is sent to a centralized server, which manages all deployments. Instructions are sent to the selected signs that grab the digital assets to display on-screen.

To learn more about how to deploy digital signage in your areas, contact, or visit our 'Getting Started' page to see signage requirements and considerations.


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