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PureMessage Alternate Streamed Resources

Watch these short training videos to help you get started with PureMessage. Clicking the link will launch the video.

NOTE: To view the main training presentation, go to the PureMessage Streamed Training Resources page.

View the full version of the training presentation by clicking on the links below.

Topic QuickTime    
Sophos PureMessage Training (6 min 23 sec) View

View the individual topics of the training presentation above by clicking on the links below.


Topic QuickTime    
Introduction to PureMessage (32 sec) View
Daily Quarantine Digest (1 min 35 sec) View
Quarantine Web Page (1 min 35 sec) View
Blocking/Unblocking Senders (1 min 46 sec) View
PureMessage User Interface Options (55 sec) View


NOTE: The option to view the streamed presentations using QuickTime Player is available. If you need to get the QuickTime Player, go to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/.


If the video you are trying to watch is not opening fully or the sound keeps going on and off, it may take only a few steps to fix the problem.

QuickTime Player for Windows Settings for Streaming Media


  1. Open QuickTime.
  2. Go to the Edit menu and select the Preferences and QuickTime Preferences commands.
  3. Click the down arrow on the drop-down menu and select Streaming Transport.
  4. Click the circle next to "Use this protocol and port ID".
  5. Click the circle next to "Use HTTP, Port ID" and the circle next to "80."
  6. Click the X in the top right corner of the QuickTime Settings window to close the window.
  7. Try to play the video again.