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Knowing Your Email Alias

As a means of enhancing communication, members of the UH community receive a UH email alias and, if needed, a UH email account. The email alias is a pointer that directs email messages to a destination email account. UH uses email aliases to send important information such as emergency closings or information from colleges or departments.

U H e-mail alias pointing to forwarding email address

Naming Convention for Email Aliases

UH-style email addresses are created automatically according to the name obtained from UH's official employee or student records. The standard naming convention is:

first-initial +
first-initial + middle-initial +

If an alias is already in use, it will be necessary to add a number to the end of the last name to make it unique. Examples of this naming convention are,, and

How to Check and Update Destinations for UH Email Aliases:

Name Changes

Sometimes names change. Email addresses can be updated, if necessary, to reflect name changes. To request a name change, the email address owner can contact the IT Support Center at 713-743-1411 or Address ownership will be verified using your Cougar Card. Names must be changed in the official university records before the email addresses can be updated.